Why should I diffuse essential oils?

During inhalation, odour molecules travel to receptor sites in the brain one of which is the limbic system, otherwise known as the “emotional brain”. The limbic system plays a part in controlling heart rate, stress levels, hormone balance, breathing and memory (Higley & Higley, 1998).

Essential oils have the power to uplift and revitalise, elevating the mood and relaxing the mind. Essential oils are also known to have air purifying benefits that can destroy mould microorganisms and inhibit bacterial growth which can ward off infection. The distilled essential oil of most plants have been shown to carry antibiotic, antiviral and anti-microbial properties. A testament to this is the fact that over 50 hospitals throughout the USA have begun to use essential oils!

Not only are essential oils beneficial for the emotional and physical body but they just smell so damn good! Your home can feel fresh and invigorating while diffusing orange and lemon or relaxing while diffusing bergamot or lavender. To help ward off nasty bugs in the home or workplace, try diffusing on guard, tea tree, clove, frankincense, lemongrass and rosemary.

We often hear comments about how Pilates & Co smells fresh and clean all the time, this is thanks to the oils we diffuse regularly. Our latest obsession is the Smart & Sassy blend which has grapefruit, lemon, ginger, orange and cinnamon essential oils – yum!

Our picks for top 10 best gifts for the active and health conscious

Hands up if you’ve had a total block on what to buy for that certain someone? Ever purchase something because…”that’ll do”? We’ve got some great holiday inspiration to avoid the chances of your gift being regifted. So, in no particular order…


1. Shameless self promotion warning – a gift voucher at Pilates & Co!

Why not give your loved ones the gift of Pilates? It’ll change their lives for the better, it’s fun, empowering will keep them mentally and physically challenged. We love to see families coming to practice and workout together and you know it’s always more fun with friends so what are you waiting for? Our gift cards are fully customisable to any amount or package you choose! You can purchase your gift card here –
P&C Gift Cards


2. A beauty package at From Earth and Skin

This lovely lady Louisa offers bio-sculpture nails, facials, threading, Eco Tan and sugaring (a natural waxing method) at her salon. All products and treatments are chemical free ensuring you and the environment are being looked after. Louisa is offering all gift cards at 20% off until 23rd December, what a treat!


3. Praia Yoga Mats

How absolutely stunning is this mat?!? Praia mats are made using the finest natural rubber resulting in a denser sustainable mat that benefits you and the environment. Each mat is 100% hypo allergenic and biodegradable. Find this beautiful mat and other designs here –


4. Lululemon Align Pant

These pants are amazing! I would wear these every day if I could, they are so extremely comfortable that Lululemon have categorised that as “naked”. Try a pair on for yourself and you’ll be converted too! Find them at Lululemon Robina Town Centre, those lovely ladies and gents will take supreme care of you while you are there. If you don’t have a local Lulu store you can get yours online –


5. The Essentials Pack from Evohe

This range of completely natural skincare is divine, the ingredients smell amazing and feel even better. I have personally been using these products for 6 months and I cannot get enough of them! My recommendation is to pair this pack up with their mineral makeup and blush. They are also neighbours of ours – manufactured in Miami. You can purchase from them personally on Lemana Lane or find them online here –


6. Malvern Star Cruisestar from Mikes Bikes

You may have noticed this baby in our awesome competition running through social media. It’s one sweet ride and I know you are picturing yourself cruising down the beach, puppy in tow. The guys over at Mikes Bikes will provide you with wonderful service and your bike will come to you fully assembled and ready to go!


7. Eco Tan Essentials

One of our members put me on to the Pink Himalayan scrub a few months ago, it’ll leave your skin not only exfoliated and fresh but also so smooth, soft and moisturised. The moisturiser is chemical free and feels good on the skin (it also comes in tinted). The Eco Tan Invisible tan provides a natural looking tan that fades gently and doesn’t stink to the high heavens. This pack is a sure fire winner!


8. Foam Roller and Spiky Ball

These 2 buddies you may have a love/hate relationship with but ultimately, you will respect the effect that these two tools will have in loosening tight muscles all over your body. Used correctly these high quality devices will have you sighing with relief. Get yours in studio at Pilates & Co.


9. Gift Hamper from The Source Miami

Our friends over at The Source have whipped up some delicious little packs and wrapped them up pretty so you can pop your feet up and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Check out these lovely gift hampers in store at the Miami One Shopping Centre.


10. Lifestraw

Ok, so I’ve never personally used one of these amazing gadgets before but how cool is it? This straw shaped water filter lets you turn 1000 litres of contaminated water into safe drinking water! You can drink from rivers and streams with the lifestraw. I think what I love about it most is how this company supports communities that don’t have access to clean drinking water. You can purchase directly from the USA website or from BCF stores online and Australia wide –

Met.Con… what’s it all about?

You may have seen Met.Con on our timetable and thought, “what’s this all about eh?” Met.Con, is short for metabolic conditioning and these classes are high intensity cardio workouts incorporating strength, balance and endurance. Head Met.Con instructor David Norman says, “I’m loving teaching met.con. I’m excited about the format and the smiles at the end of the workouts generally say it all – “glad it’s over, but I know that was so good for me!” The sessions can be tailored to everyones intensity and whilst we do try to work your limits and take you to positions and movements that challenge your mobility and exertion tolerance, it really is a class that can offer something for everyone. If you haven’t considered met.con in your weekly regime, now is the time with four class options per week on the timetable.”

Metabolic conditioning or high intensity interval training is a proven and hugely popular training methodology and we at Pilates & Co believe it is an integral part of a balanced training regime for health, wellness and results. Post exercise oxygen consumption often referred to as the afterburn effect or fat burning potential is elevated by this type of session more so than more steady state cardio activity or even Pilates. We want our clients to gain the best results and body function, hence our recommendation for at least one met.con class per week to compliment Pilates sessions or barre classes.

How to lose inches and feel great while on holiday in the USA!

I’m sure a few of you know that I turned 40 this year and I was lucky to have a girls trip to NYC and Hawaii to celebrate this HUGE milestone…..
I know it is surprising to hear but, my NYC trip was not all shopping and espresso martinis!! I actually thoroughly enjoy checking out fitness studios, health clubs and seeing what the trend is in other countries and to bring back any ideas to improve my businesses. I also like to keep fit and eat well while I am away…
Yes it is possible to do this and you just need to follow these easy steps….. they are easy if you have no kids with you too!

  1. As soon as you wake have a Shot of coffee and jump on the treadmill or go for a quick run for 30 mins each day (Marriott Time Square has a great gym or stay close to Central park and get outdoors)
  2. Drink loads of water on the plane and each day
  3. Make sensible and the right size food choices –lots of salads and protein. Watch the carbs! It is so easy to eat well in the US. Great press juice bars and easy high protein snacks to get you through to the next meal
  4. Enjoy your bubbles ladies and beers boys but don’t go over top every night!
  5. It is amazing how much walking you actually will do each day so you burn loads of calories just taking in the sites!

Merrithew Group (Stott Pilates) arranged access to a number of Pilates studios and my favourite was Kinespirit in Gramercy…… they not only do Reformer sessions like we do but they have Gyrotonic Pilates. You may or may not know that Lady Gaga is a massive fan of reformer and Gyrontonic. Both have been huge in her rehabilitation after hip surgery. Gyrotonic definitely takes a few sessions to get your head around the flowing movements and the exercises but the feeling after a class is amazing. The feeling through my spine and core was exhilarating! I am so glad I got to experience this class.
My Favourites fitness tips for NYC –

  • Kinespirit Pilates in Gramercy
  • Run or bike Central Park
  • Dozen Apples walking Tour – 6 hours but went for 8!! Do this as soon as you get to NYC as it really sets you up for an amazing trip
  • Swerve Cycle Studio in Gramercy

My coffee and fitness tips for Waikiki Beach –

  • Morning Glass Coffee and Café – Manoa Valley. About 25 mins in a cab from Waikiki beach. The best coffe and healthy food that I could find in the area! (link to website)
  • Pilates O ka la – the teachers and the studio was amazing! They only do privates and semi privates but well worth doing a couple of sessions to keep up your practice while on holidays. Only 20 mins walk from Waikiki beach (a good warmup)
  • Diamond Head Crater walk (or RUN) – this was about a 3 hour round trip from the beach. Awesome workout and if you are up for a run… a great burn of some calories! View amazing and a veryt rewarding hike. A must if you are heading to Waikiki Beach!

Lastly as a wife, mother and a business owner life gets so busy … major thing I got out of this trip (besides a new wardrobe) was the importance to have time out away from family to reset your mind and body. Now I don’t think I am going to get 2 weeks a year to go to NYC but a couple of nights away to Byron should do the trick! Imagine what I have planned for my 50th!

Roz xx