I left Poland 16 years ago with one way ticket to England, I had a Master Degree in Politics and Social Science, some teaching experience in Primary School and some journalism practise in local newspapers.

In London I was introduced to Les Mills training system and got hooked on Body Pump. From 2005 I became a fitness instructor and group exercise professional teaching Body Pump Rpm, Body Balance, circuits, spin, Stability ball and Synergize all around London. From 2007 I started teaching mat Pilates and few years later I discovered yoga.

At first, Pilates and yoga weren’t really my thing…
I wasn’t person who like to slow down.

After some problems with my back and neck and some real emotional issues, I took a deep breath and attempted to change my life for the second time.

In 2009, my husband and I decided to move to Australia. Here I decided to deepen my yoga practise at the Byron Yoga Centre, run by John Ogilvie. It was there that I found out how many people have similar problems to me and I learnt to talk about them. It was difficult and painful and wasn’t easy at all! I hold certificate of yoga teacher trading level 2 but really you can’t describe yoga in any certificate, it is a living thing…

In Australia I decided to spice up a my Pilates teaching skills by doing workshops on Barre and then retaking my Pilates course with the amazing team from Breath Education in Melbourne.
I also completed Stott Pilates training on mat, reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrel.
I found that Pilates can be a very rewarding and FUN way to exercise!!

I look at people like history book.
Each curve, scar and wrinkle has a story.
Every injury, pain, phobia and panic attack is a reflection what you have been through…
I’m not looking for perfection I’m looking for happiness, I believe each day we need to look after our body, mind and spirt.

I have lots of love for sports especially swimming, volleyball and dancing.
Pilates and yoga are my tools to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy.
I love people and teaching.
My biggest guru is my dog Freud.
I try to look in life through his eyes.
It’s so simple and so beautiful!