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Are you up for the Challenge?

Our last challenge was amazing but this one is going to be even better!
We had such an amazing response and so many of you asked when the next challenge was going to be – well here it is! It all starts Saturday 4th June at 10:30am, where all the challengers will meet at the studio and receive a nutrition talk with our challenge mentor Paachi. You can find a bit more about her here – LIVE THE FIT LIFE. We’ll have our Fit3D scanner ready if you choose to have a scan and your challenge registration pack will be handed out. It is crucial that you make this meet up to ensure the best start for your challenge. You will leave with your meal plan, diary and shopping list so that you can do your shop for the week and get your pantry sorted for the following week. DETAILS –
  • Starts 6th June and runs until 5th July
  • Any 4 sessions + free yin yoga session per week
  • Weekly email
  • Registration pack (These include a P&C muscle singlet, smart & sassy oil sample, Prana On Intrastrength and protein powder samples, flex band and meal plan with diary)
  • Extra nutrition talk with Paachi at the half way mark


Early Bird (paid before Monday 29th May)
Registration $49 + $60 per week DD or $240 upfront
Registration $69 + $70 per week DD or $280 upfront


2 hour shopping experience with The Stylist Trade
Prana On hamper pack
Plus more!

Ready to sign up? Email us – and let us know if you want to set up a direct debit or pay upfront. We’ll have you all set up and you’ll have your space in the challenge confirmed. Our last challenge filled up in a few days so get in quick to avoid disappointment!

DIY Bliss Bombs

DIY Bliss Bombs

Do you love a bliss bomb in the bath as much as we do? These nuggets of pure bliss are so easy to make and are such a luxurious treat for when you feel like giving yourself a little TLC. They also make gorgeous gifts for just about anyone so make plenty to share around. Our friends at DoTerra Australia came up with this great recipe for a soothing bath. Get cracking on this DIY bliss bomb project now!

Here’s what you need –

  • ½ cup cornflour
  • ¼ cup Epsom salt
  • 1 cup bicarbonate soda
  • ½ cup citric acid
  • ¾ tbsp water
  • 2¾ tbsp coconut oil
  • A few drops of your favourite pure essential oil
  • optional, moulds
  • optional, dried flowers
  • optional, natural colouring

Here’s what to do –

  1. Sift all of the dry ingredients together.
  2. In a separate mixing bowl mix all of the wet ingredients.
  3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and quickly whisk together as the mixture will fizz. Keep whisking until the mixture resembles wet sand consistency.
  4. Now you can begin moulding your bliss balls, you may mould them into balls with your hands or use a mould for a more uniform finish.
  5. Set the bliss bombs aside to dry overnight.

Think about the mood you would like to create to decide which essential oil/s to add. If you want a relaxing, soothing experience good choices are lavender, bergamot, yang ylang and vetiver. For a more invigorating bath add grapefruit, orange or peppermint. When you add your bliss ball to the water, it will fizz and dissolve, releasing the delightful aroma of the essential oils along with the Epsom salts and coconut oil. Your body will be revitalised and your skin silky smooth, enjoy!


You can purchase DoTerra essential oils at the studio. Find out why diffusing essential oils is good for your health.

Your Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We know how much you love your mum so we put together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you make mum’s day the best one possible!

No 1. Give your mum the gift of Pilates!

Jump online and grab your mum a gift card –

CLICK HERE. If mum is new to us, you can take advantage of our intro offer of 4 sessions for $80. Maybe your mum would benefit from a little more one on one attention? Grab a Deluxe Intro Pack which includes 2 private sessions for $149.We also have printed gift cards at the studio if you’d prefer, just contact us to organise a time to pick one up. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving! Your mum will feel stronger, longer and more confident – she’s going to love it.


No 2. Neek Skin Organics

NEEK Skin Organics is the brainchild Angelique, who has created a delicious line of organic, natural and cruelty-free skin products including lipsticks and skincare! Whether your mum has skin sensitivity or not, she’s going to love these products. CLICK HERE to grab the NEEK mothers day gift box, or browse the site to find more gorgeous goodies!


No 3.  Get her jewellery, clothing or homewares (but the cool stuff)

Find an exotic treasure for mum at Bohemian Lifestyle. Owner Tamsyn has put together a range of clothing, jewellery and homewares that are stylish, elegant and just a little bit different so you know your getting something truly special for mum. CLICK HERE to view the Bohemian Lifestyle range. Tamsyn is offering free postage for you all! Enter the code BOHOLOVE in checkout.


No 4. Say it with flowers (and oils)

All mums love flowers but they never last long enough. Gift mum essential oils and her home will smell divine all year long! Apart from the aromatherapy benefits, there is also a multitude of uses for essential oils that is practically endless. Order mum a start-up kit by contacting us at the studio.

Healing Bone Broth Recipe

Healthy food store and wholesaler, Brio Emporium at Broadbeach, shared this super easy healing bone broth recipe with us for you to try at home.

While every week there is a new superfood staple you supposedly just have to be adding to your diet, bone broth has stood the test of time and is no new health fad.  Made by roasting and simmering the bones of healthy pastured animals in ideally filtered water for a very, very long time, bone broth is nature’s most nutrient-dense, easily-digestible liquid, filled with micronutrients, minerals, amino acids and (YIPPEE) collagen.

As someone who exercises regularly, the daily addition of bone broth to your diet could be the cure for what ails you, including the tendons in your wrist that niggle or the ligaments in your knee that swell after a class. Cate Shanahan, the head doctor for the LA Lakers, recently said bone broth was “the number one miracle food for your joints and connective tissue (including bone) is bone broth because it contains compounds that act like growth hormones in these tissues.”

Now you don’t need to be a pro basket-baller as any level of athletic activity will benefit from the healing liquid of broth. When it comes to nutrition, eating a well balanced, anti-inflammatory diet isn’t enough; the amino acid chains that are available from making bone broth aren’t going to be found in the meat we eat every day.

Just a cup of broth a day will kill inflammation and swelling. It will make you feel younger at the gym, on the bike or of course, on the reformer.  Bone broth as a daily supplement intake is one of the best sources of fuel for your body to heal and grow.

And on another hot topic which you have probably been hearing a lot about lately – bone broth heals leaky gut syndrome (bloating, gas, cramps or any other digestive issue) by reducing inflammation and increasing absorption rates of nutrients.

Making your own bone broth does take some time and effort (Minimum of 24 – 48hrs for a good one) but your body will thank you for it.  If you are like most of us and are just too busy with life, you can always save yourself the bother and try ours.  We have done all the hard work and totally nailed delicious tasting broths available by the cup or in take-home bags for you to consume more regularly, at your leisure

How to make your own healing bone broth


  • 1kg of bones from a healthy pastured animal (or more if you have a large enough pot)

  • 1 organic onion

  • 2 organic carrots

  • 2 stalks of organic celery

  • 2 tablespoons Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Optional: 1 bunch of parsley, 1 tablespoon or more of sea salt, 1 teaspoon peppercorns, plus your favourite herbs or spice.  Personally, we love to add turmeric.



  1. Improve depth and flavour of your bones by roasting them in the oven first. Straight into a roasting pan and into the oven for 30 mins at 180c.

  2. Now place the bones in the largest pot you have.  Add just enough filtered water to cover the bones and add your Apple Cider Vinegar. Let sit for half an hour before turning the stove on as the acid helps make the nutrients in the bones more readily available.

  3. Bring to a vigorous boil, then reduce to a simmer.

  4. During the first few hours of simmering, you’ll need to stick around to remove the impurities that float to the surface. Simply skim, discard and keep simmering. Check it every half hour or so for the first few hours to make sure it is all removed. This is where you will be thankful you purchased healthy, grass-fed bones – the healthier the animal the fewer impurities you will encounter.

  5. Once there is no longer any scum/impurities rising to the surface, keep simmering, adding water only to cover the bones as necessary.

  6. After about 15-18 hours for chicken and 35-40 hours for beef, add your veggies, herbs and spices. However wait until the final hour to add parsley or celery leaves, or anything like silverbeet.

  7. Return to a simmer for the final leg – this time, don’t worry about adding more water. You want the nutrients and gelatin to concentrate as we bring in the flavours from the veggies and herbs.

  8. Add your parsley and/or celery greens etc if desired. Let simmer for another hour or two.

  9. Then finally – that’s it! You’ve done it!  Strain your broth and cool it down or use immediately for making your favourite soup, stew, sauce or meat dish!


Thanks to Atlanta from Brio Emporium for this contribution. At Brio Emporium in Broadbeach, and online at their website, you can order their signature Bone Broths, ready-to-eat meals and optimal pantry essentials.