Using SMR for tight muscles

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Feeling tightness in your muscles? SMR (or Self Myofascial Release) could be the answer to relieving those tensions after a workout.


SMR stands for Self Myofascial Release and is a form of self-massage that uses equipment like foam rollers and massage balls to target muscles that need some TLC.Our muscles get tight for many reasons, from overuse, inactivity or injury and this, in turn, creates a muscle imbalance and limited range in the joints associated with them.


Performing SMR pre-workout will release tension in muscles so that you have a full range of motion, getting the very best from your workout. It's also an amazing tool post-workout, combined with an appropriate stretch. Current research shows that consistency is key when it comes to stretching. As little as 90 seconds of SMR and stretching on each muscle group is all that's needed to make a change! This is pretty encouraging news if you experience short and tight muscles. The great thing about SMR is that it not only targets your muscles but your fascia (connective tissue), tendons and helps to increase blood flow.


You may experience some muscle soreness the day after SMR, don't let this discourage you, keep at it! SMR is hands down the simplest and most effective way to get your body mobile and feeling more aligned.


  • All it takes is 2 minutes every day to create more flexibility and better mobility.

  • SMR is great pre- and post-workout.

  • If it feels sore, you're probably in the right spot. Ease the ball or roller around the area until the intensity decreases.

  • Stretching right after SMR allows the muscle to stay lengthened for longer - like a clear coat of lacquer. This is only for post-workout.

  • Consistent SMR and stretching daily is more effective than getting a weekly massage.

  • Allow your muscle to relax while you release and to get deeper by applying more pressure if needed.

  • If you have a tennis ball lying around, it's a great tool to get you started. Invest in a good lacrosse ball for longevity and density.