Staying Hydrated


Drinking enough water is one of the simplest things you can do for your body and health, and yet it's the one thing so many of us don't do. Staying hydrated can be a constant battle, whatever time of year. In the warmer Spring and Summer months, we lose more fluids through perspiration. In Winter, because we're not feeling the heat, it's easy to forget to drink at all, or we substitute with coffee or other hot drinks that are not hydrating us. It's hard to win when it comes hydration!


The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Did you know that if you are only 2% dehydrated, your bodies physical performance can be affected due to the many processes that water is involved in? Even if you are slightly dehydrated, the activity of enzymes in the body can slow down which can lower metabolism and reduce your ability to exercise efficiently. Every cell in our bodies requires water to function. It helps circulate nutrients around the body, regulates our body temperature, helps to improve our skin's texture and colour, flushes toxins from the body and it keeps our joints healthy by hydrating cartilage. Research even shows that being dehydrated can make you grumpy and confused so drink up the good stuff! 

"So how much water should I be drinking?"

A general rule to work out your daily intake is 30ml for every kg of body weight (e.g 70kg x 30ml = 2,100ml or 2.1L a day). 

Tips for keeping hydrated and staying hydrated:

  • Start your day with hot water and lemon juice or a herbal tea

  • Take a drink bottle with you everywhere you go

  • Try to drink a litre of water before 10 am. Remember - by the time you feel dehydrated, you already are!

  • Drink water at room temperature if possible to help absorption

  • Use good quality salt (sea salt or Himalayan salt) as they are rich in trace elements that are the foundation for optimum cell health and hydration

  • Reduce your caffeine consumption

  • If you need some flavour in your water, try a few drops of essential oils, an infuser with fresh fruit or Intra Strength

  • Mix it up with some coconut water which is rich in potassium, sodium, and electrolytes