I’ve been practicing at Pilates & Co for nearly 8 months now – consistently. I have never done any exercise this regularly (4 times per week), or enjoyed it so much, in my entire adult life. The last few weeks have seen me taking part in the reformer HIIT classes and even though I find them VERY challenging, they make me feel great.

I love all the instructors, who make me feel welcome, not useless, give me tips and most of all encouragement …… I’m now a Pilates addict!



After 23 years living with type 1 Diabetes I came to a realisation that I potentially may have ongoing problems with circulation, particularity with my feet and toes.

I had tried Pilates at my local gym to stretch and help with blood flow, which did result in some improvements, but heard about Pilates & Co through friends and decided to give their intro pack a go.

Just after the first beginners reformer class, I had regained all feeling in my toes and better movement and feeling in my feet! Classes vary with each instructor, but they all provided a full body stretch and workout that revolves around steady and controlled movements and focuses on stretching and isolating each muscle but not overexerting the body.

I absolutely love the atmosphere, the team, classes and results at Pilates & Co and couldn’t find myself going anywhere else from now on.

I’d recommend their classes to anyone in a similar situation to myself suffering from numbness and poor circulation in feet and also hands.



Pilates & Co has truly changed our lives and the way we view wellness. Before we started our regular sessions, we felt drained and tired all the time. While we’ve always been generally healthy people, we just never had enough energy. With regular sessions, Pilates & Co. has completely transformed how we look and feel. Starting our day with a session leaves us feeling focused, energised and strong for the day ahead.

We hadn’t tried reformer Pilates before, so we were a little nervous to give it a go. The team are so kind and supportive – they helped us every step of the way and helped transform our confidence. If you’re looking to tone up and strengthen, we couldn’t recommend Pilates & Co. enough.


We are two sisters that started coming to Pilates&Co in December 2016. So far we loved every session we have attended, there is such a positive and unique atmosphere happening inside of Pilates&Co doors. We love the facility, the app is very easy to use and the trainers are so professional. We love how the timetable is flexible and allows us to come see all of the trainers and experience their individual style. Looking after your body is essential, and specially for us two, it’s important that we feel warm and welcome in an environment where we excercise. We feel that very special and positive energy at Pilates&Co, therefore we highly recommend joining their team. 🙂



Pilates & Co is my absolute happy place. Since joining, I have experienced so many health benefits – I am the most flexible I have been in my adult years, & I have a more toned & healthy body. The studio is relaxing & inviting; the staff are phenomenal and the equipment are well cared for, clean & effective. It really is the best decision I have made for my health and I look forward to my sessions each and every week! Thank you to Belinda and the team at Pilates & Co!
Owner of Bohemian Lifestyle

Pilates & Co has helped me progress physically and mentally in my fitness journey these past 4 months. Through it’s outstanding teachers, having experience, knowledge and passion around what they do, classes are fun and effective. The first thing I noticed about the studio was its ambience, spreading positive vibes through it’s relaxing design. Furthermore, its high quality equipment which the studio was an important factor for me when choosing a pilates studio.
The most appealing aspect of Pilates & Co is its integration of different classes. With classes offered such as Met.con which consists of high intensity interval training to reformer pilates which focuses on core stability & postural alignment, I can ensure that I am reaching all of my goals.
Prior to becoming a regular member here, I was a member at a large gym where class sizes were too big and help was difficult to receive. Classes I used to attend at the gym left me really sore after each session. I was seeing no results and began to go without weeks of going to the gym.
However, Pilates & Co places large emphasis each and every client, with teachers being aware and adjusting to your needs and requirements, classes can be personalised around you. This aspect has allowed my body to feel great after each class, with no pain at all! I attend the studio at least 4 times a week and can see the results. Booking classes is extremely simple, with a guaranteed spot available for you after booking. Most importantly, acquiring motivation to attend  classes is easy and for once in my life I honestly look forward to my next session.
I thoroughly enjoy the classes available at Pilates & Co, and consider the studio more then just a place of exercise, but a second home where friendships have been formed with teachers and other clients.

After my 14 year fight career my body was feeling broken and needing something to rebuild it. I thought I’d try Pilates and see how it will go with rebuilding the body and strengthen the areas that felt weak – that’s when I found Pilates & Co.
Pilates has given me my body back to now train in the other areas that I Love like weight training etc. However I still continue my Pilates weekly to keep my core strength up and all the small connecting muscles strong.
Only thing I wish was that I found Pilates & Co 5 years ago!
— Nathan CARNAGE Corbett 
11x world MUAY Thai champion

I have added the met.con classes to my exercise routine and I’m finding they give me the best results. After the class I am feeling lean. The trainers are awesome and the energy in the room keeps me motivated to push myself.

I’ve been a member of pilates and Co for the last 12 months. The team of supportive and creative staff have kept me involved and motivated the whole way through my experience. I have become stronger and fitter, whilst also getting rid of persistent back pain that I had pre Pilates.  Pilates is now a part of my life and am grateful to have found this fabulous studio.
In February I signed up for the Pilates & Co 30 Day Challenge. It was an exciting and effective way to monitor my health and well being. I was able to challenge myself to become stronger, more focused on my health and to lose weight, all with the support of Roz, Belinda and the crew. I can’t wait for the next one!
High School Teacher

In February I joined the 30 Day Challenge at Pilates & Co, never having been to a reformer class before. I had just returned home after 2 years overseas, in desperate need of an exercise routine and some motivation. To say that the Pilates & Co team were welcoming is an understatement – I think they are possibly the nicest people on the Gold Coast!
I complained solidly for 30 days, but Roz, Dave and the team were constantly smiling, encouraging and positive. The classes are fun and challenging and the little extras from the challenge were awesome (singlet, nutritionist session, and fit3D scan).
I finished the challenge having lost 3kgs and 9cm off my waist! I’m still an active Pilates & Co member, still complaining…and loving every minute of it!

After joining Pilates & Co over a year ago, I have watched my body transform. The studio has a wonderfully positive and welcoming vibe, and the fabulous teachers are always keeping things interesting (and challenging!). It’s great to have finally found a workout that doesn’t feel like a chore!


financial analyst