The Studio

Welcome to our Gold Coast Pilates Studio

We hope that you will enjoy the friendly vibe of our studio and would like to welcome you as part of our P&C family!

Our studio is fully equipped with 10 elite Stott Reformers along with Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrel. Our Pilates props are all top of the line quality so that you always get more out of each session, including bosu, arc barrel, blocks, toning balls and weights, foam rollers, flex bands and more. All of our equipment and apparatus are maintained regularly so that you can practice with confidence. In a met.con session you will utilise our freeform boards, kettlebells and our amazing Air Bikes.

We are a boutique studio, and that’s the way we like it. Our standard classes have only 10 people per session so you’ll get a great work out and lots of attention from our experienced instructors.

We also stock a range of our favourite retail products –

  • doTerra essential oils
  • MoveActive grip socks
  • Power Reels
  • Foam rollers and massage balls
  • Bakballs

Downstairs, you will find our bathroom facilities with a shower and toiletries for your convenience. You will also find a rack to park your bike and seating area to chill out before or after your session at Pilates & Co.

Located on the Gold Coast Hwy at Miami, we are just a block away from North Burleigh Beach and the North Burleigh Surf Club. Come check us out! Find us on Google Maps.

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