Our Classes

Pilates & Co fitness studio Gold Coast offers studio classes for all levels of fitness and experience. You can choose from the following class options – Pilates Reformer, Classical Pilates, HIIT, MetCon, and Mums & Bubs sessions.

All standard classes at Pilates & Co run for 50 minutes and have a maximum of 10 people per session.

We also offer One-on-one and Small Group sessions, for those that want a very personalised approach or need help with problem areas.



This class is essential for you to move forward confidently into a beginner reformer session. Your instructor will take you through how to use our reformers safely and effectively and guide you on your way to change all of the various parts and adjust them to suit your body. You will also be introduced to some basic Pilates principles and then you will be taken through a 40-minute session where you will have the opportunity to feel how the apparatus moves and ask any questions you may have.



Working on building strength, flexibility and balance our beginner reformer sessions will give you an all over body workout in a progressive style or evidence-based style Pilates reformer class.



Building upon what you have learnt in the beginner sessions, this class is designed to incorporate more complex sequencing along with more challenging techniques to have you stretching yourself physically and mentally in this progressive style or evidenced-based style of Pilates reformer class.



This class is true to the form that Joseph Pilates taught, teaching only the Pilates exercises that he created. The class is also taught is a specific order allowing you to become familiar with the beginner Pilates movements.



Also true to what Joseph Pilates taught in a specific order of exercises to build upon the knowledge learned in the classical beginner class. You will be challenged further by the use of props.



Metabolic conditioning classes are a high intensity interval sessions that will definitely have you feeling the burn! This is functional training at its finest and a great complement to your Pilates training. Adding cardiovascular, strength and mobility conditioning to your weekly regime is always a good idea.



Reformer HIIT class combines the best of Pilates reformer and HIIT in one dynamic class. It’s structured interval training where props like kettlebells, weights and boxes are used in tandem with Pilates movements to build strength and get an amazing cardio hit.



Our Mums & Bubs classes are designed to help get your fitness levels back after bub has arrived. This class uses reformers and other props. Have you got special considerations due to the unique nature of your birth experience or recovery? No problem, we are happy to work with you modifying movements as needed. It’s best if your bub is under 6 months and class numbers are limited to 5 participants.



Book a private reformer session with one of our instructors to get a personalised workout. These are great if you have any areas of concern or would like to up the ante on your Pilates practice. These sessions require a booking through the studio.



You can spend an hour with Exercise Physiologist Fiona Bond in a small group (3 to 4 people) setting, finding out what makes your body tick. These require a 1:1 consultation with Fiona first. Our other small group classes are $35 drop in and $320 for a 10 pack and can all be booked online.



Want to Get yourself into some healthy habits and kick-start your Pilates practice? Four times a year we run a group Six Week Challenge which includes classes, regular updates, special Challenge offers and a healthy food guide to follow.