Our classes

All classes at Pilates & Co run for 50 minutes and have a maximum of 10 people per session.

Reformer Orientation

This class is essential for you to move forward confidently into a beginner reformer session. Your instructor will take you through how to use our reformers safely and effectively and guide you on your way to change all of the various parts and adjust them to suit your body. You will also be introduced to  some basic Pilates principles and then you will be taken through a 40 minute session where you will have the opportunity to feel how the apparatus moves and ask any questions you may have.

Beginner Reformer

Working on building strength, flexibility and balance our beginner reformer sessions will give you an all over body workout in a progressive style or evidence based style Pilates reformer class.

Intermediate Reformer

Building upon what you have learnt in the beginner sessions, this class is designed to incorporate more complex sequencing along with more challenging techniques to have you stretching yourself physically and mentally in this progressive style or evidence based style of Pilates reformer class.

Classical Beginner Pilates

This class is true to the form that Joseph Pilates taught, teaching only the Pilates exercises that he created. The class is also taught is a specific order allowing you to become familiar with the beginner Pilates movements.

Classical Intermediate Pilates

Also true to what Joseph Pilates taught in a specific order of exercises to build upon the knowledge learned in the classical beginner class. You will be challenged further by the use of props.


Metabolic conditioning classes are a high intensity interval sessions that will definitely have you feeling the burn! This is functional training at its finest and a great complement to your Pilates training. Adding cardiovascular, strength and mobility conditioning to your weekly regime is always a good idea.