Roz & Dave Norman

Meet Pilates & Co. founders, Roz and Dave Norman.

Studio founder Roz Norman has been a passionate advocate for healthy living since starting her career as a group fitness instructor at the tender age of 16. Roz’s fitness journey progressed personally and professionally locally and abroad, before moving into management roles for Goodlife and Snap fitness leaving a trail of motivation and success behind her. She is a sought-after industry consultant and owns other fitness businesses giving her a diverse business experience.

Roz discovered that Pilates was so very effective in regaining strength, flexibility and alignment after each of her three beautiful babies. Once she caught the Pilates addiction, the desire to open a studio that she believed combined the perfect mix model became a reality in May 2015 when Roz and David Norman opened Pilates & Co. Delivering dynamic Pilates reformer sessions along with functional training classes to ensure you not only tone, lengthen and strengthen but also develop your cardiovascular training and metabolic conditioning.

David’s background is a sport science degree and he has owned award-winning fitness studios in the past and then founded EYE fitness which supplied innovative fitness products and programming across Australia, NZ and South-East Asia before it merged with another business in 2017 and he exited.
David and Roz also have an online business that offers commercial and consumer fitness, pilates and yoga-based accessory products.
David and Roz are the perfect team and are so passionate about helping more and more people enjoy a balanced, healthy exercising life. Hopefully, some of their experience, enthusiasm and enjoyment of life rubs off on you at Pilates & Co.
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You can follow them on Instagram @thenormanlife

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